Firewood with Flavour TM

Aromawood provide specialty firewood for cooking and smoking.

Australia's leading supplier of imported American White Oak and Hickory, direct from the Southern USA: The home of Low & Slow Barbecue!

Also specialising in local Australian fruit & nut wood (plum, pistachio, nectarine, apricot and grapevine).


Mini-splits smoking wood chunks add amazing flavour to any meat or vegetable cooked on your Weber kettle, smoker or grill.

Add a couple of mini-splits smoking wood chunks to your next charcoal fired bbq to take your bbq'ing to the next level.

These mini-splits ignite easily and burn low and slow.

Grab yours here.

Flat $5 delivery Australia wide for mini-splits products.

Shavings and Split logs (American Hickory & American White Oak) also available.

Order online for Australia wide delivery to your door.

Maximum delivery cost $10 for split logs.

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